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The Ranch

The property has been in our family since the late 1970s, and four generations frequently gather together on the ranch. The property includes two family homes, two barns, two chicken coops, an orchid greenhouse, a fruit orchard, avocado trees, olive trees, 50 Meyer lemon trees, beehives, and a pig pen. The ranch produces vegetables and herbs, fruits, walnuts, olive oil, flowers, honey, and eggs for our family and friends.


Continuously improve our wine-growing practices with a goal of doing right for a ranch that we live and work on.​


Sell our grapes and other products to a diverse number of brands that appreciate and amplify the care that has gone into our farming.​


To treat and work with employees/contractors in a fair and open manner with a view to give independence and encourage a willingness to improve by thoughtfully trying new things.

Our Goals 

What Sets Us Apart


The ranch is certified as a California Certified Sustainable Vineyard. The program is sponsored by 1)  the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), 2) the Wine Institute and 3) the California Association of Winegrape Growers. The goal is to promote sustainable practices from grapes to glass.

We have Boomer and Stonyford loam soils. They are shallow red clay and volcanic soils that are iron-rich and well-draining. Because we don't use herbicides and add the above industry volume of very high-quality organic compost, we have active mycorrhizal fungi throughout the property.

Our cover crop management has historically been an organic seed that we let flower then go to seed. We have a mix of crimson clover, fava, sweet peas, radish, mustard, and assorted ryegrasses.  These are all nitrogen builders.  Managed cover crop not only adds nitrogen and organic matter into soils but also acts as erosion control and habit for beneficial insects - plus it looks nice.  We do mow under the vine row though as to stop any direct root competition, and it also looks cleaner.


The terroir (soils, sun exposure, moisture content, weather, etc) of Grist allows for high Brix development while maintaining surprisingly low pHs. 

Solar to power our well

Wine Creek Ranch

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