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Per Fred 2.79 inches of rain between Saturday night until 7:20am Monday with most Sunday when dumped 2.4inches from gauge.

Not able to get tractors into vineyard until Thursday/Friday

May still pick some for TH (5 tons?) but sugars too low for Venge.

Spoke to Wilbur Ellis about spraying ($55 per acre of Serenade Opti and Syl-Coat Silicone Surfactant) but tractor problem.

Woody exploring with NorCoast about insurance.

Cashflow getting tight because of harvest costs and $35k bill from ColdCreek for early order/delivery of compost.

Still waiting to hear from ERP. Need to chase after 26th (2 weeks from last document submission). Otherwise maybe 50% of $19k check from Venge for SB which was picked 8/18.

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Wine Creek Ranch

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